Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Epic Wedding...

So last week was the one year mark when we could book our wedding at Ponca State Park. We had called in June to reserve, but it has to be one year or the computer can't see it... so we have to call back on Sept. 12, 2008 since we wanted Sept 12, 2009. The day before we could make the reservation, Ponca calls to let us know someone else also wanted the rooms and dates we did... So we got up early and called AS SOON AS they opened for reservations. Well, the lady couldn't make the reservations work on the computer, but she thought it just wasn't finished starting up, so she took all the info and said we had it, just to watch for the confirmation email.

So I went to work, happy and such, and got the emails. But whilst I was looking over the emails, I noticed there was something funny on the billing. We were told that they would only charge a reservation fee and that the rest could be paid later. However, they not only charged the reservation fee, but double-charged us for EACH room... So when Andy called back to fix it, they cancelled the reservations instead. And then they gave it to someone else. And then, to add insult to injury, we were charged a reservation and a cancellation fee, even though we never wanted to cancel, just straighten out the billing. So they charged us $40 just so that I could be happy for 20 minutes before it all went to hell... and they still haven't put the money back in the account...
So our date has gone to someone else, they had openings 2 weeks later, but seriously, if you screw it up that bad, that fast, why the hell would I really want to actually want to hold my wedding there? I'd probably get an email on the wedding day saying my reservation had been cancelled and that they billed me $100!
...Yeah. Ponca is off the table...

Tuesday, September 2, 2008


Punk, originally uploaded by woodstocklsnoopy.

Oops, I've had Punk for a week and I haven't blogged him. More to come later, but for now, enjoy the cuteness. Try not to let it make your head explode.