Sunday, January 31, 2010

JimmyJane Afterglow Candle

A few months ago, one of my favorite blogs, Toy With Me, ran a giveaway for a Jimmy Jane AFTERGLOW Massage Oil Candle.  In order to win, readers had to leave a comment with the strangest place they've ever had sex.  I won.  My situation wasn't so much a weird place as a weird twist.  Let's just say, sheep were involved.  But not the way you might think. 

Sheep aside, a few days after the contest ended, a package was delivered as I was on my way out.  So of course, I walked back inside and wasted no time ripping it open.
 Ok, maybe I wasted a little time.  It wouldn't be me if I didn't do something ridiculous/silly/stupid.  Annnnyway.... My first thought after opening the shipping box was how nice the product packing is. 

I love all the little details, especially the "Melt Me" inside the top of the lid.  Gorgeous.
 They really think of everything.  Inside there are instructions for proper, safe use of the candle, as well as a brush for application and matches.  Again, the packaging is superb.

The tiny details amaze me.
I picked the Black Currant scent, and even before unwrapping, it smelled heavenly through the plastic.  

I had intended to post a review of it right away, but life gets in the way sometimes.  In any case, I decided that maybe I should use it a few times before I posted my opinions.  So here it is months later and how do I feel?  I still love it.  

The candle is a simple but elegant design, a glass holder with JimmyJane printed on the front of the frosted glass.  The smell is still divine even after sitting on my bedside table for months, getting covered with the occasional dusting of cat hair (no really.  Punk likes to sit on the bedside table while I sleep--that is, if he isn't sleeping on my feet.  I dust off the top of the candle every time I light it.  I swear he picks the weirdest places to leave hair. The carpet is clean but every time I clean the bathroom I come back in to find fur all over.  But I digress....)  

JimmyJane recommends letting it melt all the way to the edges before using it so that it doesn't get a weird melting pattern. The oil did take much longer to melt than I expected and didn't look quite as nice afterward (when it solidified again), but our enjoyment definitely made up for that.  The oil has a low melting point so once it is melted, it stays liquid for quite a while.  The included brush is wonderful for applying the oil to skin.  Andy and I both really enjoyed being massaged with the oil.  I was concerned that when melted the smell would be overpowering or too feminine, but it was fragrant without overwhelming and Andy loves the smell. 

Since the oil has such a low melting point, you can also pour it on the skin (be aware that this will change how the candle looks) or dip your fingers in it without burning anyone.  I especially enjoyed the heat on my skin.  I was afraid it would be too greasy or leave stains on my sheets, but it rubbed in extremely well and the few drips we got on the sheets didn't even show. 

I have pretty sensitive skin but I used the candle with no ill effects.  Afterward, the brush washes clean with just warm water and some shampoo.  I stand it up to ensure the bristles dry ok, but I don't really worry much about it.  A few bristles might fall out the first time you wash it, but after that, it's a pretty durable tool. 

Overall, I was shocked by how much I do love the JimmyJane Afterglow candle.  I don't like overly strong smells and I'm not really fond of open flame, but the pure bliss of the JimmyJane Afterglow Candle has  totally won me over.  We are currently about 3/4 of the way through our JimmyJane candle and I will definitely order more after this one.  I would also put serious thought towards any of their luxurious massage series.  Overall, I would say tiny details, like the box of matches, as well as the beautiful simplicity of the Afterglow Candle make it a purchase that is well worth your time. 

Monday, January 4, 2010

How My Vagina Broke My Mind

If you follow me on Twitter, Plurk or maybe even Facebook (sorry, not linking to that... I don't even recognize some of the people I know, I don't think I could handle more friends.) you'll know that I haven't slept normally since we moved into our new apartment.  (Yeah, yeah, we've lived here 5 months, it's not really the "new" apartment.  Whatever. *This* apartment)

It started slowly, I just had trouble going to sleep with Andy snoring.  Once I got to sleep I was fine. Then I started going to bed later than Andy because I didn't have to worry about being up for work in the morning.  And I just lay awake anyway, so there was no point to going to bed early.  Week after week, I've gone to bed later and later. It got to the point where I went to bed as Andy went to work (6 or 8 am) and slept about 5 hours or so, depending.  There was 1 night where I stayed awake until 1pm the next day.  Lemme just say, there is a whole other level of weird when you've been up for a day and a half and *then* you clean the entire apartment.  There's a pretty high level of crazy to vacuuming your apartment at 8am.

I've complained and complained to Andy that he's driving me crazy.  We've tried the nose strips that are supposed to help you breathe better.  I've gotten so desperate that I tried drinking cough syrup to put me to sleep.  Nothing has worked. 

Back in the old apartment, I used to sleep perfectly.  I could get up in the morning with little or no problem.  I could go to work, come home, take a shower, take a nap and STILL go to bed with no problem.  Some days I could even take a nap in my office over lunch and still sleep.

Andy has asked over and over, what is so different now?  And until the other night, I couldn't tell him. It wasn't the temperature.  It wasn't too loud.  It was consistently quieter than the other apartment.   But it wasn't too quiet.   I had NO IDEA why I couldn't sleep at night. 

Then the other night, as I lay awake (we were going to my parents' house the next day, so I was trying to sleep but just laying awake as always--side note: you know the kid who is too excited to sleep before Christmas?  That is TOTALLY me the night before we go on a trip-- I was reflecting on what changes have occurred in the last year and I realized I started birth control the week we moved into this apartment. 

So of course, I consulted Dr. Google. 

Apparently, since birth control tricks the body into thinking it's pregnant, it can also cause the same sleep problems as pregnant women sometimes have--which is probably why half the time I wake up in the middle of the night thinking it is 8,000 degrees in the apartment.  And why I've eaten 12 pounds of chocolate even though I normally couldn't care less about it.  And the nesting... oh, the nesting.  (actually the nesting is kind of normal.  haha)

Are you kidding me?  My hoo-ha broke my circadian rhythm.   Re-fricking-diculous. 

So now what the hell am I gonna do?  I just got over the really bad side effects of the freaking pill.  I don't want to change now.   

If anyone has ANY suggestions, I'm open to them.  Or tell me your ridiculous vagina stories.  PLEASE.