Thursday, March 18, 2010

Year One

Yesterday was my (And Andy's too, I guess... whatever... LOL!) first wedding anniversary.  The last week or so has just been hectic.  We had a party to celebrate with some friends, because, helloooooo, wedding PLUS St. Pat's??  BIG DEAL HERE!!  This weekend a family from my hometown is coming to visit us (I used to "second mother" them. I miss them TONS.)  That said, I was too busy and too worn down to post yesterday.  I was not worn too worn down, however, to torture my boys by making them take a family photo.

I set up the tripod, figured out the lighting, figured out the timer, and got everything ready before I even made them get off the couch.  And wouldn't you know-- The SECOND the timer went off and the camera flashed, the cat got fed up and tried to propel himself off my face.  Jerk. 

So of course, I made them try again. 
 I gave up after bribery ended up in Punk biting my fingers just as the picture was taken. 

Oh, and please excuse my puffy face.  Apparently, it's a terrible idea to have Chinese food right after going to Biolife because the salt will make your face blow up like a balloon.  And somehow there's a giant shadow behind my head even though I spent 10 minutes while setting up on lighting.  I blame the cat. 

I also put up my shamrock lights last week (they were a bachelorette gift from my dear friend, Kate.  I've never put them up because Punk always liked to try to chew on the wires, but he appears indifferent to them now.  I'm glad cuz I love them.  I've used them every night since I put them up).

I love how this came out.  OK, so much to do before company comes!!  Thanks for reading!

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

With Love

A dear, dear friend lost his sweet kitty to cancer recently, and if you know me, you know I'm crying my eyes out for him.  And given my last post, and the emotional state I'm in lately, you can probably guess that I've spent a huge portion of this week curled up in a ball, unable to do anything but cry.
I've lost a multitude of pets in the past, but Punk is my first indoor cat and I simply can not imagine what I would do if anything were to happen to him.