Thursday, October 28, 2010

Sunday, October 10, 2010

So the 2 suburbs would be....

Sioux City is just a huge wiener community ~My Father-in-law
(He was talking about food and how we have Coney Island and Milwaukee Wiener House and some other stuff, but I think you know where I went... )

PunkySaurus Rex

Andy's mom made this for Punk for Halloween and Andy's dad brought it up with him when he came to visit this weekend. Halloween, smalloween. I think we all know that Punk wears costumes anytime I can get them on him!  I LOVE it.

Saturday, October 2, 2010

Joy in the Mail

Ok, as promised, I want to show you the lovely package I got from Lori at My Heart With Pleasure Fills. Sorry it's taken so long, we've had some weird issue where our power cuts out?  And somehow, I seem to be the only person concerned by this....  Anyway, it messes up out internet when it happens, so all my posts have been on the fly, which sucks, in case you were wondering. 
Nothing enters our home without a good sniffing.

Cute little napkins.

Adorable plates!!
*sniff sniff*

This is the cutest darn note, but for some reason, stupid Blogger won't let me upload the picture of the other side!

Punk thinks the box is the best part!

Thanks so much for the awesome package, Lori!

Take Me to PunkyTown

IMG_6022, originally uploaded by MistyHCunningham.
So the lovely ladies over at Aiming Low have created a nifty new little challenge. "Picture It Outside of the Box" is a series about taking pictures differently than maybe you have otherwise. This week's theme is, appropriately, "Aim Low"

I crawled through the arm of my futon to get this shot, but Punk's pretty used to me getting in his face.
Ick, I didn't even notice the hair on the carpet until I looked at this shot.