Friday, February 6, 2009

Random: Fact or Fiction -- Full Rules

For those of you who follow me on Plurk, this will make sense, if not, too bad. Since my only subscribed reader is also my plurk-friend, I don't think it will matter much. lol.
Anyway, I've started a game called Random: Fact or Fiction. Rules are as follows.

1. Game plurks will always be marked by the letters RFF and the number of the question.
2. Plurks will contain a statement about myself. You must decide whether it is a fact or fiction.
3. Points will be awarded as such: the first correct answer will get 3 points, the second, 2 and the third, 1. After 3 correct answers are noted, I will post the correct answer and an explanation, if necessary.
4. After 100 points are accrued, I will Private Plurk you for your address and send you a prize. All prizes will be small and ridiculous, just things that catch my eye as I do my wander-y thing. Don't expect anything that will rock your world, as my world definitely rocks differently than most people's worlds.
5. You can do research to get answers... if you think about it, the answers will be really easy to find... If at any point I seem to contradict myself, bring it to my attention and we'll sort it out.
6. Finally, if a question has over 10 answers that are false, the question will be disqualified and the answer given.... because otherwise I get

Happy Sleuthing!


Kris H. said...

I swear, I wish I were able to participate more.

Misty said...

And why can't you? Aside from the fact that no one seems to want to play, so I have discontinued the game...