Saturday, February 27, 2010

The Blues

I'm sorry I haven't posted in so long.  Our internet has been total crap lately and can't be fixed at least until some of this snow is gone.  Andy told me last week that the news said even if it warms up to 60 degrees and stays that way, with as much snow as we have, it won't be all melted until the middle of April.  FML.  So until then, I struggle onward. 

I have The SAD really bad this year.  I get a little blue every winter, especially in December, with the whole Chad thing, but it's February now and I still can't find me.  I was contacted for a giveaway/review for a site selling bar stools, as well as cookware and tons of other things that I love, but I just can't pull myself out of the mire enough to even pick an item.  YOU KNOW it's bad when I can't pick a piece of cookware!  (Could you all click on that link please?  I'd like to help the guy out a bit, even if I'm down in the dumps.)

I've taken up going to the gym at night because a) exercise is supposed to release the chemicals that relieve depression and b) one of my college BFFs is getting married and sent me the final bridesmaids dresses.  As I am supposed to be the Maid of Honor (actually Matron.  That's depressing too.  I need a better word.  Can I be the "Awesome-ess of Honor"? --Say it like Goddess-- awesomess) I have to get in shape to wear this:

I was actually starting to enjoy the gym and feel better about myself when the temperature plummeted back to -5 degrees.  That blew my good mood right out of the sky.  I'm still going to the gym, but I abhor the thought every day.  

 I miss the sunshine and I ache for heat.   Are there any readers in the south I can come visit?  I got the bluuuuuez. 


*Janey at Confessions of a Middle Aged Suburban Diva put up another Being Bodacious challenge over a week ago... I promise I'll get to it, but right now, even writing this has been a strain. 

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