Wednesday, June 23, 2010

An Excerpt From The Letter I Sent My Dad Today.

Dear Daddy,
Happy Birthday.  You're really old, you know that?  Like, older than dirt.  There are mountains younger than you. 
In honor of your birthday, I've written some things I love about you: 
  1. You are ridiculously stubborn.  But it works for you.  
  2. You have a soft heart for stray cats.
  3. You adopt all my friends.
  4. You re-named Faith "Phooey" and taught her to say "bitch" instead of "beach." I probably wouldn't find that as funny if she'd said it in front of her mom.  
  5. You hate to paint and it amuses me since I LOVE it.
  6. You go out and weed the Buffalo grass (by hand!) but you never mow the lawn. 
  7. You fix all the crap I can't, like the futon bar.
  8. You do things yourself, so know I know how to install a picture window, put siding up, and build garage doors. 
  9. I'm 23 and you still ask if I want to go for a ride in the truck.  (he drives a semi.)
  10. You put up the self-portrait I put on my graduation announcements in your truck.  You taped it over the boobie calendar.  I bet the guys in the shop loooove you for that!  Haha, but it took me over an hour to set up the studio to take that picture, so I appreciate it. 
  11. You built me a giant cat house so stupid Moki would be safe. 
  12. You buy me tools for my birthday, if I don't tell you what I want.
  13. You fall asleep in the recliner.  I fall asleep EVERY TIME I sit in my reading nook.
  14. You walk the fence-line for no reason.  I miss doing that.
  15. You feed Fluffenstuf oatmeal. 
  16. You unplug everything. 
  17. You still call me Sweety.
  18. You bought my favorite gift (my camera).
  19. You are "cute, funny, handsome, modest and smart.  Oh, and modest.  Mostly modest."
  20. You are older than dirt, but you are my rock. 
The full letter is 60 things in honor of his 60th birthday. But I didn't think you'd want to read all 60.  :P


Sarah said...

That's so sweet, Misty! I'm sure he LOVED it!

and love the new look!!

Misty said...

Thanks Sarah! Took for-ev-er to write out 60 things! (I hand-write stuff to him. He like sit better that way... and he likes to make fun of my handwriting.)