Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Weekend update

So my weekend wasn't really on the Friday-Sunday schedule this week. Friday I got some upsetting news and decided to quit early for the day. All things considered, I did a lot that day anyway... So I went home and cleaned up the mess that was my life. Saturday I hung out with Sabrina, went shopping, essentially wore myself out. While we were in Walmart, there was a huge storm which knocked down some trees and a power line and street light a block over from Sab's. A huge tree also landed on a car. Bummer for them. Sunday I got up early and did laundry, cleaned Andy's room and packed and prepared for Blaze. Andy's dad and brothers got here about noon-ish. We had lunch then walked them around the campus greenspace to show them all the changes and then I left for work.
We left for Blaze training in Lincoln at 2:45 on Sunday afternoon... Sharona, Abby and I traveled to Lincoln and finally found our hall at UNL and parking and such and met all the other VISTA members of the Midwest Consortium for Service Learning in Higher Education. We adjourned to dinner at Vincenzo's, a fantastic Italian restaurant in downtown Lincoln, Where we proceeded to eat like there was no tomorrow. We had appetizers of artichoke dip and calamari and some sort of mushroom thing using Portabellos. Soooo yummy! Salads, bread, Chianti and much laughter later, dinner arrived. I had the baked manicotti, which was amazing, but barely manageable after so much food already. I actually got sick, since I had no idea there were onion hidden in the apetizers until too late, but it was well worth it. The best thing about the training was that the Consortium paid for all the food.... WOW.
Monday we ate b-fast in the dining hall in our dorm, then had training, which was pretty fun, and lunch also in the hall, more training, then off to The Blue Orchid, an amazing Thai place. We ordered appetizers of skewed chicken satay and spring rolls... I had a Ginger Mojito, quite tasty, and the Rama Garden, which is grilled steak in a sweet, peanutty, Thai sauce served with sauteed vegetables. This time we planned ahead and remembered to save for dessert... We all sampled each other's desserts as well, so I had sliced mango with sticky rice with coconut sauce, as well as tastes of green tea cheesecake, and a mini-chocolate cake thingie, can't remember what it was called... but it was soooooo rich... and so tasty! Then we walked down O street for a while and then headed back to our dorm and struggled to use the internet (looooong story!)
Tuesday we had b-fast in the dorm, then checked out of the dorm and went to east campus for training. Got kinda lost, ended up late, but saw a guy dance like CRAZY on a streetcorner while waiting for a stoplight... soooooo wished for video of it... anyway, went to training, and then to Valentino's for lunch. Best pizza ever. I love Valentino's. After that we ventured home. Being overly exhausted, I fell asleep in the car, soooo totally not comfortable tho, got back around 4:30, where we witnessed downed trees and damage from a storm Sunday night. Sioux City had winds of over 75 mph, just straight winds. No tornado, nothing like that, just straight. weird.
So that was my 'weekend'.
After talking about all that food, I'm starving and it IS lunchtime... so I'm off to eat... more later...

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