Monday, August 11, 2008

Ooooh, Soft, warm fuzzies!!

I bought a rug today for my apartment... I got a $1o 'gift certificate' from Gordman's when I bought my lounger/chair... well, today I used that to buy a matching rug. I'd offer to post a picture, but I've given up on taking pictures before I get stuff into my apartment, as there is really no room to shoot the pic and getting my camera out and taking it and dl-ing and all that jazz is just too much work w/ the current situation... anyway, I went up with the rug... and they told me I couldn't use the certificate because my purchase wasn't enough (if your purchase has to be over $10, why don't they put that on the certificate?) so Andy and I checked out the store some more, and picked out a cat toy for when we get our kitty! and we got a bag of candy just to push the total up... w/o the candy, it was almost perfect to the cent.... the candy was $1.19... my total charge (after the gift cert.) was $1.25. How good am I?

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