Thursday, August 7, 2008

Roller Coaster Life

Spent last week in Cedar Rapids doing flood relief, but terrible person that I am, I don't want to talk about it. Whenever I think about it, my mind is just like "ugh. I'm still too tired. We'll talk about it later." But eventually I will get pictures from facebook ( I didn't take my camera for 2 reasons: you have to carry everything you pack and my stuff was already full AND I was weighted down by Andy's things as well, and I didn't want to risk my camera as I didn't know anything about where we were going or what exactly we would be doing.) So I took no pictures nad thus must steal others'. When I get pictures I will talk about what I did. Right now it's still a little too ...umm... heartfelt.
Instead of heart-achey things, let's talk about this week. Actually, one heart-achey thing happened this week... I talked to my mom and she told me that my grandma has cancer in both her lungs and her liver. I've never been close to my grandmother. She's never called my anything but her granddaughter, or by my name, to my knowledge. However, she's now making lists of who gets what and what she wants to keep and all that stuff... and she gave my mom her frog-topped candle and frog salt and pepper shakers and a raunchy ceramic frog gift to give to me because I am "her little frog girl". She's also given my mom a sapphire necklace for me since I am the only September birthday in the family. Yeah.. I feel bad... I mean, I know that I did everything I could to be close to her, I helped her get in and out of the car and took her grocery shopping when she broke her hip and all that, but was there anything else could have done to be 'close' to her? I don't know... maybe it's better this way.
OK, now that everyone's depressed, let's talk about cheerier things... Monday Andy and I both got paid, first time in pretty much all of the summer (that is a long angry story, let's not even get into that...) so it was a pretty exciting day. I took the afternoon off to do Misty-things... so we went and got checks cashed and went shopping...
We went several places and overall, I didn't buy much. I bought storage boxes for the bathroom in my apartment when we went to Target. They are stackable crate-like things, in almost Navy and almost Lime green. I also bought a poster for Andy (altho I will probably hang it in my apartment for the year) I have my eye on several things in Target, but I'm working on a budget, so some things just always have to wait...
We browsed around the strip mall and looked at cat stuff... (we decided a while ago that since I live alone and have an outside door and no carpet or anything to ruin, that I'm gonna get a kitten. Andy's roommate's sister has a cat who just had kittens, so we have one 'reserved'. There are 4 gray tiger striped babies and one black. The black had already been claimed, but they are saving a male tiger for me, they are about 3 1/2 weeks old now...) I picked out stuff and then realized I'd get a discount if I had remembered my PetPerks card... which I hadn't... what ever happened to my key tags, I may never know.... and Andy had to be back on campus by 5 to work on radio stuff... so we quickly browsed Gordman's, where I found a chair that was just something spectacular, but a little pricey. We still needed to do grocery shopping, so we decided that we would go back to campus so Andy could work and I could think about the chair and then go grocery shopping afterwards. So after Andy finished up at the station, we went back to PetsMart, with my PetPerks card this time, and I bought kitty treats and kitty bath to prepare for when the kitten is old enough to come home.
After PetsMart we went back to Gordman's, where I had decided I HAD to get the chair. It was too good to pass up... Well, the chair isn't just a chair... if you want to see it, go here's actually more of a lounger, it's LIME GREEN!!!! and came with a pillow... so cool. And since I spent more than $50 at G-man's that day, I got a $10 gift certificate. I think I might see if they have a cheap cat bed or toys and use it for that.
After all that, we were starving (It was at least 7 by then and we had skipped lunch too) so we ran over to the mall. Andy and I collided going into the food court, and he scraped across my foot, WAAAAAAAY ouchie. Was swollen and bruised before we got across the food court... but continued on anyway. One taco salad for me and one meal for him later, we were back shopping... browsed in the mall and then continued on to hobby lobby (to look for poster frames, didn't find one we liked) and then to Walmart for groceries.
Got the basics at Walmart and.... GOT A LAMP FOR MY APARTMENT!! I had noticed them a few days before, but they have Mainstays lamps for $10... AND when we got there Monday, they had hem on sale for $7.50!! So I bought a teal lamp...good thing too... there are no overheard fixtures in my apartment's living room/kitchen area!! There's a switch.... and it kinda looks like there might have been before... but there is no light in my living room (except the window but that's not much help!) Got groceries and kitty bowls and a litter box and pretty much called it a night after that.
Tuesday we went shoe shopping since we threw away our shoes when we finished up in Cedar Rapids... I got a pair of Airwalks (never had those before!) at Payless for $8!!!! I took pics of them last night, so I post them as soon as I dL my pictures from my camera... Yesterday (Wednesday) we continued the great shoe saga looking for shoes for A. No avail. Afterwards, we went to the 4th Street Bar and Grill to celebrate Joe's 21st B-day. It was the first time Andy and I have been to a bar together, so that was pretty cool... he bought me drinks and we had a goofy time! I toatlly went to bed buzzed last night. oh and I wore my new shoes, they looked totally sweet with jeans. Love them!
Oh yeah, and we cleaned more in my apartment yesterday, soon it will be clean enough to move all my stuff into! So exciting!! I spend a lot of time thinking of what I want to do, decoration-wise. And I did 4 loads of laundry.... good core workout since I didn't want the basket to touch me, so I carried it out from my body, all the way across the apt building and up all the stairs and to the laundry room! I still haven't finished all the folding yet tho :( It's been a long exahusting but great week... after another long exhausting but great week... I think tonight I just want to chill on the couch and have a quiet night. What do you think the odds of that are?
OK, pictures of the shoes will be uploaded tonight, and hopefully I will have apartment/furnishing pictures by next week... we'll see...

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