Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Why I Rock Your Cat Box.

Kelley at Magneto Bold Too has challenged all her readers to list reasons why we rock. Sooo, without further ado, Reasons Why I Rock Your Cat Box. (ok, I lied, a little ado... does anyone else remember the Rock the Casbah commercial where the guys think the song says "rock the cat box"?)

  • I am the proud owner of a new pair of Rocket Dogs shoes. They are purple, gray and beautiful.
  • I bought a cheesecake book and am going to try ALL of them, even if they don't sound like something I would like. Because I am adventurous...sorta.
  • I also bought ice cube trays made for cocktails. You are supposed to freeze lemon and lime slices right in the tray with your ice. How cool is that?
  • Instead of the Peace Corps, I joined AmeriCorps*. For the next year, I am a VISTA (Volunteer In Service to America). In exchange for my amazing services, they are paying $4,700 of my student loans. And I get to goof off at work a lot.
  • I have a cat named Punk and he is on Crack. but neither of us has killed the other yet.
  • I can cook damn near anything. Except scrambled eggs.
  • I have HUUUUUUUUGE boobs.
  • I am most likely getting married in Yellowstone National Park in July 2009.
  • I have a Bachelor of Arts in English and have a minor in Photography.
  • I read Kelley's blog.
    Shameless plugging? yeah, so?
  • Ok, there are not enough bullet points to express how much I rock your catbox. Now I must go clean Punk's.

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