Saturday, June 6, 2009

Nighttime thoughts.

It's 10:49 pm and my husband is snoring away (he worked 8am til 4:30 today and has to work again at 6am tomorrow). And you know what? He's pretty damn cute.

There's something stuck under my question mark key and it's a bit annoying.

Last night we had a bit of a panic. One of the hinges on my laptop broke. Probably because the screws inside had been stressed and they came undone. We had to take apart the entire lid of my baby (who I have decided shall be called Sheldon from here on out... go figure that I've had Sheldon 5 years and it'll probably die soon and I'm just now naming it) in order to fix 2 screws because the case was blocking where they needed to go. I took pictures of the carnage of course. It's back together now only a little worse for the wear (we decided there was no way we were gonna try to put the broken hinge cover back on. 1 lousy (well 2, since it's broken) piece of plastic is not worth it. We also noticed the other hinge is a bit loose, but we'd have to break the plastic casing on the hinge in order to fix it, so we'll let it go until we have to address it. Pictures will hopefully come tomorrow since I'm charging my iPod (the (product RED) second generation shuffle in case you were wondering)right now and I don't want to stress Sheldon by plugging in 2 USB devices. Our internet has been spotty lately so I don't want to have to deal with Flickr right now either.

My toe is still sore from this week's spousal abuse. Haha, for those who don't know the story, Monday night, Andy was trying to distract me from taking a walk with tickling and the possibility of sex--scandalous, I know. (Don't worry, I didn't turn him down... haha, newlyweds after all...) So in the midst of tickling me, he was holding on to my feet and I, of course, was kicking and trying to get free. As I was kicking, he let go. (He says he lost his grip... whatever. pssh) and I kicked straight into a cement wall. OUCH. It cut open my little toe and bruised to the middle of my foot immediately. It swelled for a while, tho most of it has gone down by now. My little toe is still a bit swollen and pretty sore, but the bruising it starting to fade. Oh well. I lived. And for the record, we still went for a walk that night.

I'm making a magnetic curtain for the tiny little window in our apartment door. (pics when it's finished.) When I'm on the couch midday (like today), any light coming in seems to shine directly into one of my eyes, making a terrible headache behind said eye. Andy has wanted to cover the window since I moved in, but then how would I look to see who's at the door? And how would Punk watch the yard? (side note, whatever is underneath my question mark key is really getting annoying now!)

Anyway, I suppose I should move on to other things now, just wanted to update you on the little random bits of my mind.

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Misty said...

Update: I broke the toe. Now that the swelling is gone, I've got a funky bump on my foot. Oh well.