Sunday, September 20, 2009

Boudoir Bandit

My little Boudoir Bandit* is stealing my underwear again. I was just sitting alone at home talking to my dad (on the phone) when I looked down and saw Punk digging through my "surplus" underwear. (That's underwear that doesn't fit in my underwear drawer. I'm not sure I've ever had as many clean undies and socks and such as I do now that the laundry is right outside my door.) As he scurried away with his treasure, he somehow managed to get his head through a leg-hole and just ran around wearing it for a while. My poor father couldn't understand what I was trying to tell him because I laughed so hard I couldn't breathe.

*I googled "Boudoir Bandit" to make sure I was spelling 'boudoir' correctly and apparently it's an obsolete slang term for gold digger. I talked to Punk and he's OK with being called a gold digger as long as I pay him in Kitty treats, string, and catnip.


Kelley said...

I had a boyfriend like that once.

Misty said...

Kelley, you had a boyfriend who stole your underoos, or a bf who wanted to be paid in string and treats?