Friday, September 18, 2009

Guess what I did today

Guess what I did today. Go on, guess. I tickled this "little" dude's tummy. Cuz I'm awesome. And alligators are totally ticklish. Haha. He was one of the "therapeutic" animals to visit M'side's campus today. I also saw a monkey, a snake, a few birds and some other things, but dude! I touched an alligator today! He was so calm. I felt along his tail and across his belly. It's a little different than a crocodile (I felt a baby one at Reptile Gardens a few years ago. it was a baby and had super soft feet.)
He is about 6 years old and probably 4 feet long. So he's twice the size of my cat and 3 times as calm. Haha.

Andy and I have been married 6 months today, by the way. We didn't do anything to celebrate, but it was awesome anyway.

Oh, and I killed either the ninth or tenth wasp of the summer in my office today. Is there some sort of door prize for that? medal of honor maybe? Some days, working in my office is more dangerous than driving the Amazing Exploding Minivan.

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