Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Works in Progress

Hello all.
I haven't forgot about you, don't worry.  I think of you everyday.  I'm currently in the process of writing a few posts for your enjoyment.  They just aren't flowing quite the way I would like.

Here's glimpse of what I'm working on:

~A week or so ago, one of my favorite blogs Toy With Me, ran a giveaway for a Jimmy Jane AFTERGLOW Massage Oil Candle.  In order to win, readers had to leave a comment with the strangest place they've ever had sex.  I won.  My situation wasn't so much a weird place as a weird twist.  Let's just say, sheep were involved.  But not the way you might think.

~My dad went downstairs to make sure Chad was up.  His door was still locked.  He usually slept with the door closed, but not locked.  My dad yelled up at my mom to get the spare key to Chad's room.  My mom got the key, I handed it to my dad when he came up and he told me I should go wash my hands, I don't know why.  So I went to wash my hands and heard my dad yell up at my mom to call an ambulance.

~I'm writing a new bio/'about me' section for this blog and for twitter, but I don't have an excerpt of that ready.  I guess I have a post about me at the beginning of all of this, but who is really going to go back through the entire blog to find out who I am??   

Andy and I are also working on a blogroll and a new header to brighten it up around here.  I think there's something else that we're working on that I'm forgetting to mention, but it's 3 am and I'm watching House, MD. I'm probably missing more than I realize, haha.  Oh, and a new icon for my twitter feed over there on the right.  Yeah.  I think that's at least most of what's in the works. 

Oh and by the way, Andy and I have been married 8 months today. In honor of neither of us killing each other, I'll leave you with some pictures of the joyous day. 

*Stupid new blogger "click and drag" method.  I had a cute, meaningful arrangement for those photos, instead of just all left aligned, and blogger kept reorganizing them and making them look even in click and drag version but not in the previews.  Annoying.  I'll try again later today to fix it, since it seems to be some kind of glitch.  (the photos wouldn't post from flickr either.  I hope this will fix itself......)

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