Wednesday, June 4, 2008

The birth of craziness

Ok, so there's a complicated story about this blog. If you don't care to read it, skip to the second post after this post.
I started off in college as a Biology major, with the intention of being a vet, and a possible Spanish major. Then I discovered I hated Chemistry more than I had ever realized and a series of events revealed to me how much I like grammar. So after a semester as what my advisor called a "closet English Major" I officially switched to an English major, with a Biology minor. However... to get a minor in Biology, I would have to take MORE chemistry, as well as human anatomy and physiology. Blech. Then I discovered I had enough art credits to only take 2 classes for a minor. I had already taken design and decided that wasn't for me. BUT, to finish a minor, I could take photography (which I had had an interest in for some time, just no way to explore my curiosity) and then then I could decide to take either more photography classes, or to take graphic design. either would fulfill my requirements.
After Photo I (classic film and darkroom work), I decided I loved photography. I decided I wanted to take a 2 week course in Costa Rica after graduation, like a reward to myself. Of course, plans like that never actually come true for me, but it was fun to believe for a while. Photo II, digital and studio work, was more of a head-beating exercise, but I did learn and no one died (which was a close call, considering the TA in that class), and I graduated, so I guess it was worth it.

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