Monday, July 5, 2010

My New Friend

I have been sorta MIA again.  Something arrived this week that should have been instant blog fodder, but I got wrapped up playing with it.  Heh, that sounded dirty and I like it.  Anyway, the lovely, gorgeous, wonderful Angela from MomVault sent me a new friend!  I'd been complaining about how I wasn't sure I could be a "real" crafter without a sewing machine.  Sorry, pioneer-style women, but I can't sew everything by hand... but trust me, I tried! Anyway, Tuesday the UPS dude showed up (and of course, since it wasn't the FedEx dude, I wasn't naked this time! But I was taking a nap--how do they always know?!?!) and delivered this sweet baby! 
I should have done this post right away, but as soon as it was unpacked I wanted to get started!  Just one piece was damaged in the shipping and a little super glue fixed that right up!!  I have projects to share with you, but that will be the next post.  Since I've been wrapped up in projects (and since Punk has all those packing materials to drag all over the apartment) my home has gotten a little chaotic.  I realized I have 2 laundry baskets of clothes waiting to be put away. 2 baskets of socks, undies, towels, and other assorted stuff awaits me.  It's not like me to let stuff sit for a week!  At least I hung the shirts, folded the towels and paired the socks already.  When I get into a new project, it's hard to step away for the rest of the world!  I forgot lunch 3 days in a row!  Anyway, I better get back to tidying up.  I'll try to get what I've been working on up later tonight, but first I need a clean space to take the pictures!! 
Thanks again, Angela!!
Punk is enjoying it too! 
"Oooh, fresh box!"

"Dis new toy for Punky?  How I play wif it?"

"ZOMG!  New box and paperz BEST TOYZ EVER!"

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