Monday, July 12, 2010

The spoils of this weekend's "antiquing" trip!

  (The white vase on the left I got a few years ago. I was excited to see the other one (on the right)  because it reminded me of the other one!  I love them both!)

No pictures of the vase I poured Coke into last night, though!  It's still in the sink! 


Kris H. said...

We actually have two of the second one, there, which we use to hold cloves and pimentoes. Does that mean we're antique?

Misty said...

Absolutely, Kris, but take heart... I think that means you're more valuable.
Also, i put "antiquing" in quote in the title cuz I don't think anything *I* picked out was actually an antique, just stuff that caught my eye!