Saturday, January 31, 2009

25 Random-ish Things About Misty....

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1. I cry at everything. I got teared up in the card aisle of Target today, trying to pick out a baby shower card for Kate.

2. I’m a grammar and spelling Nazi and I judge you a little when you spell “what” as “wat”. I hate that texting lingo has moved into so many other realms. If you have a keyboard, you should be able to take that extra second and type the ‘h’. It’s not like you’re charged for the extra character….

3. For that matter, there is “you’re” and “your,” not just always “your.” Learn the freaking difference already!

4. I have a Canon Rebel and I love it. The decision to get that particular camera is probably in the top 5 decisions I have ever made. It may be the only decision I haven’t second-guessed later.

5. My wisdom teeth keep cutting partially through but never fully emerging. I have one cutting right now and I can feel the outline of the tooth through my gums. It’s cool and annoying at the same time.

6. I once got proposed to for knowing the lyrics of “Convoy.”

7. My favorite holidays are Veteran’s Day, Memorial Day, and Thanksgiving.

8. I have all of the original Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figures, as well as the stuffed animals.

9. Every time I go to Barnes and Noble I check to see if they have new books by Nevada Barr, Erica Spindler, John Sandford, and Lisa Gardner. I have been waiting for months for the new books by Sandford and Gardner to come out in paperback. They’ve been out in hardback for almost a year but I refuse to buy them that way since I have the rest of the them in paperback… and that’s like 13 books in one series and 7 in the other… and I’m one book away from having the entire Anna Pigeon series by Barr but now the only place I can find her books is at Borders, on the other side of the state. It makes me really sad.

10. I rub my cheek on the pillow right before I fall asleep. I never noticed I did it until I read a PostSecret by someone who does almost the same thing… I mentioned it to Andy and he said he’s known for years. I occasionally take naps semi-on him on the couch… and apparently I rubbed my head all over him. Haha.

11. I LOVE squirrels. It doesn’t really matter what I’m doing, if I see one, even if I’m in the middle of a sentence, I’ll be like, “Oh! A squirrel!!!!”

12. I would skip eating for a day if I got an hour massage out of it. I love a good massage more than I can say.

13. I had braces for a year and 10 months. I’ve had them off for over 3 years now but I still wear my retainers almost every night.

14. I didn’t get my driver’s license until a month before I turned 21.

15. I have indirectly inherited clothes from every member of Andy’s family.

16. I love flower tea and get excited whenever I find some. I always buy it when I find it, even if I already have some, because it’s so hard to find usually.

17. Last year I drank almost an entire gallon jar of pickle juice. It only took me a couple days to eat the pickles and then I drank the juice on a dare. (You still owe me, Andy!)

18. I am strangely in love with flameless candles.

19. I’ve never been on a boat.

20. I’ve been to Yellowstone National Park 3 times. It’s an amazing place. I get excited just looking at the pictures from the last time I went and I hope to take Andy there this summer for our honeymoon.

21. I’m considering using my year of non-competitive eligibility to get a job as a park ranger.

22. I think could watch Hope Floats, The Green Mile or Steel Magnolias every day for the rest of my life and still cry every time.

23. I’m more ticklish than you’ll ever know… but most people who try to tickle me get punched.

24. Andy got me a Flickr Pro account for an early Valentine’s Day present and it’s one of the best gifts ever! (I was going to say it was the best gift, but technically, my camera was a graduation present, so I guess flickr would be kinda silly if I didn’t count the camera….)

25. I bought a cheesecake book and I want to make all the different kinds at least once, but Andy and I never finish any of them, so I need to find an outlet for all my wayward cheesecakes!

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Kris H. said...

1. I've been officially transferred to the Coral Gables property, so now I spend roughly 80 minutes just driving to and from work.

2. I unfortunately, compulsively and frequently have thoughts that my work is never good enough.

3. I'd always avoided skits in school and life when I could because I hated memorising lines.

4. I seriously get upset, though I don't always express it verbally, if someone asks me to come speak to someone and doesn't tell me who the person is and what they want. Never tell me "there's someone here to see you" and leave it like that.

5. By extension, I always have to plan for an encounter because it gives me even an inkling of self-confidence.

6. I have an undying love for vanilla foods and beverages such as shakes and energy drinks.

7. The first CD I'd ever bought myself was Chevelle's "Wonder What's Next" album.

8. I express continuous regret that I've not yet found something I'm absolutely and remarkably good at.

9. The farthest I've ever driven was from Miami Beach to Atlanta, GA, and such a trip will never, EVER happen again.

10. I hate leaving things undone because I have this irrational thought - though it may happen - that someone who takes over the task will be cursing my name because it's more work than anticipated.

11. I can usually accept phone calls without a problem, but I have to really work myself up for about a minute before I can start dialling.

12. I have an ungodly inconsistency with my ability to talk to people face-to-face.

13. I can't see anything clearly that's more than 8 inches from my face without my glasses. A temporary 3 inches of visibility is gained by covering my left eye for a few seconds and then uncovering it.

14. I haven't worn contacts again since I was 23. Mostly out of not feeling like getting more.

15. I sometimes use self-demeaning humour as a way to get someone to laugh, or at least smile.

16. (Moreso in recent history) If I like you, I've poked you on the shoulder at least once and actually said "Poke" while doing it.

17. My favourite numbers are 1 and 0, with 6 as a third that I refer to sometimes. I noticed a while back a funny thing about that. My birthday is 24 October1981, and so 24 > 2+4=6; October is 10 (1 and 0) and then 1 (1+0); 2+4+1+0+8+1=16.

18. Immediately as I pass 10 hours working my head starts itching like crazy.

19. I cannot send out an invoice or report without ever making sure every element in its design is balanced, which is partly why it takes me so long to bill something out.

20. Sometimes when I look around my apartment I notice that I seem to have a fear of unoccupied spaces. Almost every space has something in it.

21. The first cartoon I remember ever watching was an episode of The Smurfs. There was this bear that went around singing "la-la-la-la-la, snort-snort, snort-snort" and dancing. Whenever I reference this, people look at me strangely because it seems I'm the only one ever to have seen this episode.

22. I tend to work on the reward system where I must do something before I get something. I worked on organising the dry storage closet at work last Sunday and didn't even drink water or go to the bathroom until I felt things looked good.

23. I often rehearse in my head - especially when I'm walking outside from one point to another - things I would say in a given situation or provided there's a certain conversation.

24. I'm nuts about recycling. If we're eating out at a fast food place and there are spare, unused condiments at the end of a meal on the table, on the way out I'll take every single one and bring them back to the counter that some other person might be able to use them. I get infuriated if unopened crouton packets, ketchup, et cetera is thrown out with the rest of the garbage. I scold people at work that throw away plastic bottles.

25. I've always yearned for the day where I can say I have a best friend who also considers me - almost, if not completely exclusively - a best friend.