Friday, January 2, 2009

2008 was an Arsehat.

Like, really. One of the worst years of my life. You want a recap? Too bad, read the rest of my posts. Jeez, trying to take the easy way out. psssh. Like I’d be that easy on you. Although, I guess I never mentioned that my mother’s mother died. Or that my brother insulted me at the funeral without ever saying hello or anything…. But that wasn’t the worst of the year. I’m not willing to share that. I still ache over that. But I guess I’m like one of those funny orange chocolate candy things where you have to hit it and break it to get to the good stuff. That makes sense right? Or like a piece of meat where you gotta beat it to make in tender so it tastes better? OK, maybe I’ve gone too far. Whatevs. Point is, 2008 sucked and I hope 2009 will be better.
In attempts to make 2009 a not-crappy year, I’ve made three goals. Ahem.

Resolutions for making me even more of Teh Awesome in 2009
1.) Lose Weight. 20 pounds off and kept off. More if possible, but 20 would be fantastic. 30 would be make-your-face-fall-off-fit, but that would probably be too much. I like curves and I want to keep my breasticles. (hahahaha, I love that word!)
2.) Take at least one picture everyday. One moderately good picture per day. That will do.
3.) Blog more often. And for the record, this post is on the second because the first has enough resolutions posted. That and I didn’t resolve to not procrastinate… Anyway, I resolve to blog at least once a week. It will probably be more since I'll run out of space on flickr halfway through each month...

Yeah, so those are my goals for the new year. I'd also like to be wittier in my posts, but hopefully that will come with regular blogging. I always think of great things to write and then forget before I actually write again... But anyway...
Let's not be an arsehat, 2009, ok?

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