Monday, December 1, 2008

Being thankful, even for the fleas....

Yesterday, Pastor Paul preached on Thankfulness (wonder why, huh?) In his sermon, he told the story of 2 young girls in Ravensbruuck Concentration Camp in WWII and how the girls thanked God for everything because the Bible said to be grateful for EVERYthing. So the girls thanked God for everything, even the fleas. And it turned out that they were very safe (in relation to other places) because the guards didn't want to enter the women's barracks because they were infested with fleas. The point being that everything has a purpose and we should be thankful and praise God for everything. We took a moment to thank him for bad things, becuase maybe they are a blessing in disguise. So here are this weekend's blessings in disguise:

At lunch my dad said no matter what, he wasn't thankful for snow. After a minute, I said that since it was snowing and Andy and I were in a hurry so as not to have to drive in bad weather, I bought Dad lunch. He had to concede that point to me.

Since CrackCat coated himself in wax, he has been very calm and snuggly and apparently all the wax he's been eating (as he cleans himself) has helped him somehow, he hasn't barfed since he got waxed. He's waterproof now, I guess... that's good right? Now he's losing some fur, but you know, if he goes temporarily bald, I can make him wear a sweater (bwahahahahaha) and no one can be allergic to him if he doesn't have hair...

While it wasn't fun and I stood around feeling awkward for an hour and my cheesecake was done much later than I wanted to be baking, I'm glad we went to see my grandma in the nursing home Wednesday. A couple minutes before midnight last night, my mom called and said the nursing home had called and said grandma had died a few minutes before. So I guess things come more hidden than we even know. I dunno. It doesn't really upset me that much, altho I'm sure i'll bawl when I see my mom, but I am quite melancholy today.

It's a gray day and I am blue. My world is colorful. I am terribly sleepy. And hungry. I am just needy all over I guess. Oh well. This, too, shall pass.

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