Tuesday, December 23, 2008


I was going to write a witty post. A post about my awesomeness. A post about Christmas. A post about everything.
I said WAS. I started to write and realized it tried to spell "fly" as flight without the "T". Maybe that's cuz I stayed up til 4:30 working on Christmas presents for 'my babies'. And they are fantastic. Thom-monster is getting a papercraft Bambiraptor and maybe a triceratops, Matthew's getting a pirate games and Faith will be getting a thing to hang from her ceiling... after I make it tonight, of course.... haha.... they are Teh Awesomez. But dude, I'm tired now... so I guess, except for the witty, I did write about all that jazz... Whatdaya know?! OK, off the internetz and home to print a build some more madness. Pictures to come, soonish.


Kris H. said...

Hmm.. "Fligh..." That would probably have classified as one of the myriad of spelling back long ago before the Norman conquest.

That's how I think of it, anyway.

Merry Christmas to you, Misty!

From your loyal (, singular?) reader.

Misty said...

oh good heavens... you made me think of the Great Vowel Shift... and i threw up in my mouth a little... ahahahaha.... let's not do that again, mmm'k?