Monday, December 1, 2008

My butt is so asleep right now...

Ah, back to work after an eventful Thanksgiving weekend. When I say back to work, I obviously mean I have nothing to do at work today, again, so I'm updating my blog. Shocker, huh? So the last 2 weeks have been unusual... Abby ("dear co-worker") and I had training in Des Moines Thursday and Friday, at 8 am, 4 hours away, so we took Wednesday 'off', and drove to Des Moines.... 2 days of boring, not at all helpful training later, Abby took off for home for TG and Andy and I headed to his house for the weekend. Had a good time, saw his brother and friends in a pretty damn good variety act... lots of thing happened of course, but I'm too lazy to write about them all... Sunday headed back to Sewer City. Worked by myself Monday, as Sharona (who shall from this point on be known as "scum co-worker") didn't show up until 12:43 pm Tuesday. Tuesday worked, did laundry, watched Andy sleep, yada yada. Wednesday drove to my house. Went and saw my grandma. made a cheesecake. did general around the house type things, you know how it is... got a drill from my parents, a belated birthday gift (my bday is in September) ....Thursday, made the annual trek to Norfolk, saw the family, ate tons, shopped, was lazy, went home. Cat had puked on the floor. Cleaned that up, all seemed fine.
Fast forward to Friday. The day after Thanksgiving is the day I traditionally put up my xmas tree in the basement. Got up fairly early in the morning, went up, let out the cat, woke up Andy, the usual. Around 11 or so, my mother comments that it stinks in the room that the cat stays in. I write it off in my head as my mother being whiny like usual. A short while later, CrackCat cracks out, so we put him in the utility room to have alone time. Cat barfs again. a little snuggle time and stuff, then back to his room. one crash later and Andy checks on him. My mother has put a candle warmer in his room, leaving the cord draped and he has dumped a candle on himself. waaaay waxy. take hours, combing, washing, chilling, calling the vet and taking care of the cat. gross feeling, but ok. a very calm cat after that, waaay snuggly. i put up my tree and wrap presents while he has alone time and then naps on my friends, who came over whilst i was wrapping things.
Saturday had Finley-time: tea party, pizza, decorating for xmas, ranting time, etc. Fantastic, just what I needed. They gave us a bed frame, 2 filing cabinets and a desk shelf thingie. WHOOO HOOOO!! This means we only have to get a matress and a box spring when we get married. Super Sweet... played "national park-opoly" with the fam. weird but fun.
Sunday to church, lunch, all the thinkgs you do, then back to sc. just chilled. this is long and you know all the pertinent details for now. follow up post after lunch, getting light headed. and dear coworker just barfed. I shall return.

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