Saturday, December 27, 2008

Family Bonding...

Just a note... those of you who know anything about me and my families knows that I am kinda iffy about Andy's dad, like I can't really connect with him... but he's won me over. He's a cat person. That takes the wind out of my sails, huh?
And to top it all off, Andy's family treats Punk like a member of the family, like a cute little pet, even though Dawn is allergic. (Punk's had a bath so he's pretty much allergen free, but my family treats him like scourge and he doesn't hurt them in any way...) So they are way higher on my list than my family right now.

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Kris H. said...

That's wonderful, Misty... In-law hard feelings are never a good thing, and I don't like it when it happens. I'm glad for the modicum of reconciliation, eh?