Thursday, April 2, 2009

Thirteen Thoughts Thursday

Sorry I've been such a crappy blogger. With all the wedding things and drama happening lately, I haven't had the energy to write anything down. In an effort to blog more often, I have decided to write 13 randoms thoughts I have, every Thursday. It's a modification of the "Thursday 13" meme. The idea of 13 thoughts was today's "Thursday 13" post and I stole the idea from Sarah@TM2TS (See the original post here). Thanks Sarah!

1. I have to pee but the bathroom is 2 floors down and BruceTheCreeper is probably hiding, waiting for me to go in there so he can be standing outside when I come out. Creepy bastard... Did I mention he CAME IN when I was in there last week? W. T. F.??
2. I think my job is making me dumber. There is no exercise for my brain and I think it's getting weaker. "The brain is a muscle" and all that jazz, you know? I started playing Brain Age on the DS and it told me my Brain age was 60. I'm down to 34 after 4 days. Still scary though... I'm 22.
3. I am so tired today. Being married is exhausting.... but fun (wink wink!). Who knew the Home Depot parking Lot could be so fun?!?
4. I hope TheWeasel (my boss, DerangedWeasel) doesn't come in today. I don't have the energy to put up with his crap today. On top of that, I'm still a little mad at him for all his stupid comments at MCU yesterday. We didn't get off work until after 6 cuz he couldn't STFU. (and we start office hours at 9am...)
5. I ran into a family from my hometown at the mall yesterday, celebrating the middle son's 21st birthday. They mentioned that Andy and I are now "officially all-the-way married" now. How does one not be "all-the-way" married?
6. Hmmmm.... unless that "all-the-way married" referred to sex, since I know this family through church in O'Neill...
7. I wish I was outside now instead of sitting in my stinky office.
8. I love squirrels, I wish I had a ledge outside my window like Coyne does, so I could feed squirrels too and not be so bored.
9. These all sound random but they aren't exactly... I mean kinda, but it's like the 6 ways to Kevin Bacon thing... they are all connected, just not exactly in a concrete way... If you asked I could explain, but otherwise I'm just too lazy to detail it all out.
10. I'm talking to myself basically, since pretty much no one reads this. Except Kris. Hi Kris!
11. Oh good, Guelcher's class across the hall just got out. I'm tired of listening to him lecture thru my office door. I'm glad I never took a class with him and I feel sorry for those poor suckers who are in his class now.
12. I've accomplished like 4 work-related things this week. I worked my ass off last week though, so I don't feel that badly about it. I'm gonna rename my title "Chief Director in Charge of Doing Patrick and Gilbert's Jobs As Well As My Own". It's along title, but it's true.
13. Saying "badly" in the last thought was the correct way to say it, grammatically. It's an adverb. A lot of people screw that up. Oh, and 'alot' is not actually a word. It's weird.

Ok, I have more thoughts now, brought on by my 13, but I'm sure you're tired of hearing my psyche, so we'll move on....


Sarah said...

Josh and I are "married" but not "all the way" meaning we don't have that piece of paper but family, friends, and now the State of Kansas and the federal government do. :P

Misty said...

That's true, I didn't think about that... but no one knew that we were living together and we haven't been together long enough to be common-law. Is that what you mean by Kansas and the gov do?

Kris H. said...

It doesn't matter anyway. You're married and that's it. :-)

Nice Thursday insights, though.

And Hi, Misty!

Sarah said...

Yeah, that's what it means. Kansas doesn't care how long you've lived together. If you are willing to call yourself married, and you live together, you're married in their eyes. XD