Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekly Plans, April 27- May 3, 2009

Weekly plans, April 27, 2009 until May 3, 2009.

• I work
o CES Notes
o Email idiots
• Andy works @ 4:30
• Finish thank you notes
• Dishes
• Fix the cupboards (a shelf in one of my cupboards collapsed after the plastic peg thing that holds them up broke a few weeks ago. We have been searching for a replacement… last night I gave up and bought all new L-brackets so we could just fix it and not worry about it… and once I get them up, I can get all my food-stuff and dishes back in the cupboards and out of my freaking living room!)
o Get stuff back in cupboards
• Make cinnamon rolls? (idk if the tube of them I have in the fridge is still good or not…)

• I work
o Coffee at 2pm with the other VISTAs (kill me now)
• Andy off
o Make Andy do laundry while I’m at work
• Clean out the fridge
• Do dishes
• Sweep
• Take out the trash

• I work
o CES meeting?
• Andy works @ 4:30
• Change Punk’s Wonderbox
• Sweep
• Take out Wonderbox and trash
• Tidy apartment

• I work
o Thursday 13 Post
• Andy off
• Payday
o Grocery shop

• I work
• Andy works @ 4:30
• My Loan payment is due but I paid it already

• I’m off
• Andy works at 8am
• Maybe take Punk out after Andy gets off.

• I’m off
• Andy works @ 1:30pm.


Sarah said...

dang! busy week!!
*w00t* For early paying of bills :)

Daisy said...

Busy week. :) I like the email idiots entry. :)