Saturday, April 25, 2009

Thursday 13, Punk said so.

Sorry this is so late, it took a while to decipher the cat-scratch (as opposed to chicken scratch) that it was written in. This week Punk wrote the list, I was just in charge to typing it after he wrote it.

13 Things Teh Hooman Needz To Do Today:
1. Hold stillz so I can nom her.
2. Petz me.
3. Feedz me.
4. Set her drinkz on teh floorz so I can drink dem.
5. Maek dat other hooman go getz someting for herz, so I can steal his spot on teh couch.
6. Warm my spot on teh bed so when da phone rings, I can steal her warms.
7. Clean my bafroom and put new poop rocks in der so I can kick them out on teh floorz again.
8. Plays wif me.
9. Clean up all teh paper towels on teh floorz so I can get out dat roll I'm hiding under da couch and shredz more on teh floorz. Needz to be fresh, ya knowz?
10. Hold still so I can lickz her noze.
11. Find teh remote so I can change channels when she finds somefing she wants to watch.
12. Wash teh dishes so I can climb in teh sink again.
13. Gives me Kitteh Treatz. All of dem.

Repeat as nezessary... i.e. tomorrowz.

Punk, teh (supreme rulerz) Kitteh


Sarah said...

Too, too, too funny!!

I still stand behind my lazy comment ;)

Misty said...

What lazy comment? I haven't seen one...

Daisy said...

Lol! I love it! Great list Punk!

Misty said...

Punk says thank you... i.e., he's asleep... cuz kittehs aren't polite.