Monday, April 20, 2009

Weekly plans, April 20- April 26

Weekly Plans, April 20 thru April 26
Weekly Plans is Sarah@TM2TS's baby, so I'm showing some support to help her get it off the ground.

Weekly Plans:

* I work
* Andy off (that always happens... we can't have days off together, I guess)
* Andy being off means I won't accomplish much of anything tonight... but the apartment is pretty clean...
* Soak foot
* Take antibiotics
* Brain Train
* Mail loan payment
* Read Winter Study
W00t, did everything I was supposed to!

* I work
* Andy off
* Take antibiotics x2
* Soak foot
* Brain Train
* 6:30 pm Dr's appointment (associated goal: Don't cry!)
I did cry. But the Lidocaine didn't work. They gave me 8 units and I could still feel it. And I didn't Brain Train that day either. But I think I will be forgiven...

* I work--> CES and MCU meetings
* Andy works @ 4:30
* Take antibiotics x2
* Brain Train
* Read Winter Study (I doubt I'll want to do anything after having work done on my toe Tuesday and I have lunch duty Thurs and EO on Friday, so I'm probably gonna want to rest..)
Accomplished, LOL!

* I work until 3:30ish
* Andy only has training at 6-7pm
* I have Lunch duty for Earth week's Trayless Thursday (11am-1pm)
* Take antibiotics x2
* Brain Train
* Dr's appointment at 4pm

* I work
* Andy works at 8am (so we can see each other when I get off work, yay!)
* Take antibiotics x2
* Environmental Olympics/Trashion Show (10am-2pm)
* Brain Train
Got a ridiculous sunburn... I'm a cherry tomato now...

* I'm off
* Andy works at 2:30
* Sweep
* Litterbox?

* I'm off
* Andy might work?
* New Desperate Housewives
* New Animation Domination


Sarah said...

You only do the litterbox once a week? We had to do Tiger's every 2-3 days.

Misty said...

I take out the Wonderbox and give him a new one every week. I scoop it daily.