Thursday, May 21, 2009

13 Things I need to do Thursday...

I'm all about the alliteration... as you can see. :)
I have a headache and I feel like crap* and the last place I want to be is my freezing office, but I'm taking tomorrow off to leave for Dan's graduation, so I suppose I should be here today. In that spirit, if I had stayed home today, maybe I could actually accomplish all the things I need to do before we can leave tomorrow:

1. Wash 8 bajillion dishes.
2. Gather up all the trash in the apartment.
3. Take out the trash and replace the trash bag(ok, trash going out will actually wait until tomorrow morning since Punk's current wonderbox** is going in there).
4. Charge the DS.
5. Charge Andy's old phone and delete pics and video off of it.
6. Give Punk a bath.
7. Wash Punk's stuff (Dawn {MIL} is allergic to cat dander, so he needs a bath even tho he had one a week ago today)
8. File stuff.
9. Tidy the entire apartment.
10. Finish Thank you notes.
11. Pack everyone's crap.
12. Clean the car.
13. Mop.

*Damn, I just drooled Carnation Instant Breakfast Chocolate Milk on myself. harumph.
**Have I mentioned that I love Wonderboxes? I love being about to change the litter box without having to scrub the actual box. And Punk just claws thru liners, so these are awesome.


Sarah said...

Woot! Josh just charged my DS, and is now trying to convince me to use a different case for it, LOL.

The million dishes I can beat with a million loads of laundry, LMAO!

Misty said...

Laundry I did a billion loads of earlier in the week and last week. I like having all the students gone :D What case do you have now and what does he want you to use?

ps, have you played Mystery Case Files MillionHeir on the DS? Good time!

Sarah said...

The cases are so old that they don't even list them on sites (It was right when the DSLites came out, but I have the Phat ;))

No, I only have Nintendogs (Chihuahua version), Personal Trainer Cooking, MarioKart and Mario World (or whatever) for it.

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