Monday, May 11, 2009

Weekly plans, May 11-17, 2009

Weekly Plans for May 11th thru May 17th, 2009


* I work
* It's Americorps Week
o Table at East high School at 11am
o Call the reservation guy AGAIN about getting a room for the VISTA training this week... I'm VERY dissatisfied with AmeriCorps this week...
o Proclamation and giant check to the mayor at 4pm
* Andy works in the am.
* Dishes
* Pack
* Laundry?
* Cuddle Punk cuz I'll be gone 2 nights and most of 3 days...


* I work
* Andy works in the am.
* Leave for Lincoln sometime, not sure when.


* VISTA training/volunteer work
* Andy works in the am.
* Plant some trees!


* VISTA training
* Andy works in the pm
* Home from Lincoln
* Payday!
* Grey's Anatomy


* Andy off
* Abby and I are taking the day off
* Go to the DMV and get my license changed
* Andy gets paid
* Get Andy's new phone


* I'm off
* Andy works at 4pm
* I'll do some sort of cleaning. whatever.


* I'm off
* Andy works at 1:30pm
* Desperate Housewives

Edit** I just found out we aren't going to Lincoln. They never got us housing and we somehow never got the link that we were supposed to register... and we aren't under their grant anyway. So we're not going. Yay!!

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Daisy said...

Yay! You don't have to leave Punk! Sounds like a busy week. :D

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