Sunday, May 17, 2009

A new shower curtain

For months we've had a perpetually moldy shower curtain. Since I live on campus, I'm not required to provide the curtain for my shower, but I feel less gross if I do. (Cuz, EW, I don't know who lived here before me!) When I moved into this apartment, I had been working for months, but for the first few I was working under a grant. That's all well and good except that my boos is sort of an idiot. So I didn't get paid for the first 2 months. And when I finally got paid, it was only a fraction of what I was supposed to be paid.

So when I moved into this apartment after PSO (pre-service orientation) and finally started being paid by the corporation, I was very.. shall we say conservative? on my purchases. So I bought a cheap shower liner with the intention of replacing it later. Well, shower curtains are not things I think about regularly whilst I'm shopping, so it's been mildewy (I've tried cleaning it, but even bleach didn't help. I'm not kidding when I say this was a CHEAP shower curtain!)

So Friday, shopping with Andy, I finally remembered to get a new shower curtain. Tonight Andy put it up (cuz I'm too short and also very forgetful {that's right, I forget about the shower curtain WHILE I'm IN the shower. I got skillz.})

Andy: I LIKE it! I can finally touch the shower curtain without feeling like I'm gonna catch a disease! (funny, cuz I'm the germ freak).
I can also knock everything {on the side of the bathtub} down at once.

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