Thursday, May 7, 2009

Thursday Thirteen... on time?!?!?!

I can't think of anything I want to list 13 of today, so you guy are getting another Random 13 Thoughts again. Sucks to be you huh?

1. My left eye will not stop watering.

2. Punk knocked over Andy's golf clubs this morning and it scared the bajezus out of us. It was dark and until I got to the other side of the hallway, it was too dark to tell if Punk was under there still or not. We couldn't tell if those were golf bag straps or a stripy tail sticking out. Andy picked up the clubs and Punk wasn't under them but then we couldn't find him. Finally I saw him sneak under the couch. I tried to talk him out of it but he woudn't come. I even tried kitty treats and he wouldn't come out. He finally wandered back to the bedroom as Andy and I were going back to sleep, so I had Andy nab him and we cuddled and I checked him over. He's fine.

3. Punk loves to be tucked in under the covers.

4. There's a really weird sounding bird outside my office window.

5. There are, like, 5 people in this building today. Helloooo summer!

6. I found out last night that a friend died Sunday. They did an autopsy and still could not figure out what killed him, so they're saying heart attack. He was only a little older than me. I'm 22. (ok, 22 and 8 months. whatever)

7. That friend proposed to me for knowing the lyrics to "Convoy." Obviously, we were drunk.

8. I'm currently in love with the blog I'm trying to read back to the beginning. It's kind of strange to read things backward, but it's very interesting as well.

9. I finally found Phantom Prey in paperback the other day. I bought it immediately, of course, since I've been looking for it for a year... the new one, Wicked Prey comes out next week. Go figure. (I hate it when they do that!)

10. I still have not finished Winter Study, I can't get quite as immersed as I usually do because it's about wolves, which are my mother's thing, not mine. I am a cat person and the idea of wild savage GIANT wolves freaks me out. I'm not even remotely a dog person.

11. Seriously. I think wolves scare me more than bears.

12. I dreamed I held a squirrel last night. I walked up really close to it and didn't think it would let me get so close, so I was amazed that I got so close. I never even imagined it would let me touch it, so I didn't even try. But I got close and it jumped right up on my arm. And I had no idea what to do. I think that's when I woke up.

13. One time I tried to be a little economical and bought 4-cheese-pizza Hot Pockets in a bulk pack. I didn't think about the fact that if I took Hot Pockets to work every day I would get sick of them. (That and they get mooshy in my office fridge cuz it's a dorm one with a crappy freezer) Now there are still a couple mother-loving Hot Pockets in my freezer... So every time I try to buy things in bulk or get more than one package of something "new" he asks me "this isn't gonna be another Hot Pocket is it?" But you know what? He couldn't finish more than 4 of those damn things, so I did WAY better than him. Harumph.

Bonus number 14: Grey's Anatomy tonight! I'm so excited!

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Sarah said...

Good lord! Long list!!
Long sentences.
I like my pretty pictures.

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