Monday, May 18, 2009

Weekly Plans, May 18-24, 2009

*Work, work, work, BOOOOO! (But my boss is gone, yay!)
*Andy works at 8am
*Scoop Punk's box and add litter (I didn't change it this weekend cuz we're going out of town his week so he'll get an all new wonderbox at Grandma's House and an all new box at home when we get back. I decided that I'd rather just toss 2 wonderboxes than change his current one and have to scoop it and such than to have a partially used one at home...
*Gather all the trash in the house
*Thank you notes!
*Mail loan payment

*Work, work, work, Booooooo!(But my boss is gone, yay!)
*Andy works at 8am
*More dishes, I'm sure...
*Put away the laundry (it's still in the basket in the living room)
*Thank you notes!!

*Work, work, work. Patrick come back. BOOOOOOOOO!
*Andy works at 8am
*Gather trash
*Do any dishes
*Make Andy clean the toilet
*Make sure we have gifts for the Graduates
*Thank you notes!!!

*Work, work, work. phooey.
*Andy works at 4:30pm
*Do any dishes
*Take out the Trash
*Give Punk a bath and wash his stuff
*Pack stuff
*Dan and Sam's Easter things
*Thank you notes to go in the mail
*Thank yous for his family
*Cookie Press for A's mom
*Punk's leash and harness; wonderbox and litter*; food, treats, and bowls; carrier, rug? and toys

*Possibly off, still need to talk to Patrick
*Andy off
*Toss Punk's wonderbox
*Any minor cleanups left
*Leave for Durant
*Mail thank-yous on the way out of Sioux City

*Both of us are off
*Prepare for Dan's graduation

*Dan (my brother-in-law) graduates High School!


Daisy said...

No boss and you get to go away? What a week!

Sarah said...

*w00t* Sounds like a lot!!
Have fun!

Misty said...

This week is taking FOR EV ER!!!!!!! He's back now,unfortunately... I dunno if we'll get to leave Fri or not... I might just call in sick... It's exciting to get out of town, but in reality, it's a 6 hour car ride (good thing Punk likes road trips!) to go to Andy's parents' house... don't get me started on his dad... grrrr... but it's my new camera bag's first trip!

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